Breath alcohol testing / breathalyser operation collector training specific to workplace requirements.

Breath Alcohol Testing Officer Training

You will learn the theory and practical elements related to workplace breath alcohol testing and the related record-keeping requirements of performing this duty.


We are able to customise the training course to suit the particular breathalyser(s) used by your company and the related policies and procedures.


A Certificate of Attendance is issued upon successful completion.

Course Aims


Complete Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing delivered by Expert Industry Experienced Trainers


  • Breath Alcohol Testing Procedure

  • Precautions when testing

  • Do’s and don’t of breath alcohol testing

  • Overview of the Australian Standard breathalyser - functions and features

  • Breathalyser device information – Recovery time, battery life, calibration, trouble-shooting

  • What is BAC / BrAC?

  • What does a breathalyser measure?

  • Alcohol and it’s effects on the human body

  • How alcohol is broken down in the human body.

  • Record Keeping

  • Privacy and Confidentiality



People that would like to be certified to perform workplace breath alcohol testing.


Employment pathways could include drug and alcohol testing at mine sites, large industrial sites, transport depots, medical centres and other workplaces or environments where the need for drug and alcohol screening has been identified as an Occupational Health and Safety requirement.





The training course runs for approximately 2.5 hours.


The course includes a written and practical assessment.


Training is delivered at a Progressive Diagnostics training location  or 
nsite at your workplace.

Why Choose Us?


  • We are a nationally registered training organisation.

  • Training related to workplace drug and alcohol testing is our sole business.

  • We are experienced and experts at what we do.

  • We can provide solutions to all aspects of drug and alcohol testing.

  • We can be contacted 7 days a week.

  • We can provide training at locations Australia-wide.



  • Workplace best practice breath alcohol testing

  • Breathalyser operation

  • Active and passive testing

  • Test request form recording

  • Link to workplace policies and procedures 

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