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Online training Course

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Perform Workplace Sampling and Testing for COVID-19

Learn how to conduct workplace specimen collection and perform onsite rapid antigen testing to detect COVID-19.


The Therapeutic Goods Administration details the requirements related to staff performing, or supervising the performance of, the onsite sampling and testing for COVID-19, to be trained in the correct performance and interpretation of the sampling and testing procedures, as inadequate or incorrect performance can affect the accuracy of the test results.

Completing this training course is part of this commitment to be trained to perform workplace sampling and testing for COVID-19.

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Sampling & Testing Officer

Workplace sampling and testing for the detection of COVID-19


Enrol and complete this training course fully online in your own time.


Pricing is exclusive of GST. 

Course Overview

Successful completion of all the components of this training course will help to prepare you to:

  • Understand the role of diagnostic testing in the COVID-19 response.

  • To safely collect samples and conduct COVID-19 onsite rapid antigen testing.

  • To interpret onsite test results and understand their implications for patient management.

  • To understand the importance of ensuring quality testing and how to minimise errors.

  • To understand the importance of collecting testing data to monitor the testing performance.


On successful completion you will receive a certificate of completion


Progressive Diagnostics will continue to provide you with ongoing support related to sampling and testing requirements.


Please select the link to enrol into this training course.


Once your enrolment has been processed we will forward an invoice and confirmation email with full details regarding activation of the online training course.

Participant Handbook

Further information explaining the training and assessment process and your rights and responsibilities is also available in the Participant Handbook.


This training course is currently on promotion at a cost of $145.00
(Normal price is $295.00).  Pricing is exclusive of GST.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call 1300 711 116 during office hours, or complete our contact form.
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