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Workplace Drug Testing

How to action a sample that does not register a temperature


When performing urine drug testing there are a number of integrity checks that need to be completed, including checking the temperature of the urine specimen.


The collector (testing officer) should check the temperature of the urine specimen as soon as the donor hands over the specimen (within 4 minutes of the collection).


The acceptable temperature range is 33° to 38° C.


If the temperature is within the acceptable range, then document the related temperature in the relevant section of the Chain of Custody form (COC) and proceed with the collection procedure.

If the temperature is outside the acceptable range, the sample cannot be accepted. 


Clearly note the reason on the top of the COC form,  “Note – COLD SAMPLE”  or  “Note – HOT SAMPLE”.


In the ‘Description of Sample’ section on the COC, write “No Temperature registered – COLD SAMPLE”  or  “No Temperature registered – HOT SAMPLE”.


See example below:

The collector completes the collection process for the first specimen and immediately requests a second collection.


The collector must inform the collection site supervisor that a collection took place where no temperature was detected and that a further collection has been requested.


After the repeat test(s) are collected, they are all forwarded to the laboratory for drug and specimen integrity testing.   


All specimens are uniquely labelled and accompanied by their individual chain-of-custody forms and a record is entered in the permanent record system for each collection.

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