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Methamphetamine Surface Test Kits

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Methamphetamine Surface Tests

  • Cut off at 0.5 micrograms per 100cm2
  • Easy to use at home or work Surface Test Kits
  • Instructions supplied.
  • Results within minutes.

Further volume discounts may be available.

The Progressive Diagnostics Methamphetamine Residue Testing Kits are designed to check for methamphetamine residue on surfaces from cooking or smoking ICE. Can be used to check if a property has been used as a Meth Lab to make ICE.

This kit can be used to test the surfaces in a property after or during a rental tenancy to ensure your investment or landlords investment property is not either contaminated or being contaminated by the tenants smoking or cooking Meth.

Checking for Meth on surfaces inside a home can also be conducted before buying a house and can be added to the conditions of sale, subject to a pre-purchase Meth Inspection or pre-purchase Meth Test to check for the precence of methamphetamine contamination caused by occupants smoking meth or from an illegal clandestine drug laboratory.

This Meth Test Kit is manufactured to test surfaces for methamphetamine residue. They are presumptive test kits only and will not provide you with contamination levels, only a negative or positive indication if over 0.5ug per 100cm2 as set in the Australian Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Guidelines.

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