Price Match Guarantee

We'll Beat the Price!

For many years Progressive Diagnostics has led the way.  We take pride in providing our customers with the best training, education and the best service and support available in Australia.

So why waste your time searching around for prices from other firms, when we guarantee our prices to be the most competitive around.

The following conditions apply:



Since nearly anyone can pop up a "fly by night" business, we will consider the source. If you've found a legitimate competitor with a lower price, we want to know. Upon verification, we will drop our price to match or even beat our competitor's price in order to earn your business.


If you've found a better price on an item offered by one of our competitors, just email us the URL where we can verify the source.  From there, we will check it out. All price verifications should be sent to:


It has to be exactly the same product or service. Sometimes competitors may offer cut-down or reduced functionality versions of a product or service for a lower price whereas we're offering the full product or service. It has to be exactly the same product or service.



It has to be a product or service that is currently offered by Progressive Diagnostics.


The cost of the product needs to include all the same inclusions as the Progressive Diagnostics service.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your drug testing requirements, offering a flexible and comprehensive service to meet your industry needs.


Please feel free to contact us at any time:


Telephone : 1300 711 116


Mob: 0426 979 070 



If you have any questions or would like more information,
please contact us at any time.