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Online training Course

Perform Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Accredited Training, Nationally Recognised

Become a Surface Drug Testing Officer

Learn how to conduct surface drug testing for methamphetamine and other drugs.


The primary focus of the training course is the sampling and testing for methamphetamine contamination inline with the Australian Voluntary Code of Practice, Australian Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines, and relevant state directives.

We offer a comprehensive training course, designed for those wanting to set-up their own methamphetamine contamination inspection and testing service, or to add methamphetamine testing to their existing business services.


Please find further information below:

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Surface Drug Testing Officer

Sampling and Testing for the detection of Methamphetamine and other drugs of abuse.


Enrol and complete this training course fully online in your own time.


Price is exclusive of GST. 

Course Overview

You will learn the theory and practical elements of carrying out surface drug testing for methamphetamine and also the related administration requirements of performing these duties:​

The online training course includes:

  • An overview of methamphetamine use and abuse

  • An overview of the issues related to the use and manufacture of methamphetamine 

  • Health and safety considerations, including performing a risk assessment of the site and the required personal protective equipment 

  • Instructions on how to take a NIOSH 9111 compliant methamphetamine sample

  • Detailed information and instructions to collect samples for laboratory analysis 

  • Detailed information and instructions on the use of onsite rapid screening test kits 

  • Advice on how to package samples for further laboratory analysis


On successful completion you will receive a certificate of completion.


Progressive Diagnostics will continue to provide you with ongoing support related to sampling and testing requirements.


Please select the link to enrol into this training course.


Once your enrolment has been processed we will forward an invoice and confirmation email with full details regarding activation of the online training course.

Participant Handbook

Further information explaining the training and assessment process and your rights and responsibilities is also available in the Participant Handbook.


This training course is currently on promotion at a cost of $395.00
(Normal price is $495.00).  Pricing is exclusive of GST.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call 1300 711 116 during office hours, or complete our contact form.
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