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Drug Testing - 10 Ways to Save Money

10 Ways Workplace Drug Testing Can Save Your Company Money

If you’re a business owner or manager and you have yet to implement a rigorous drug testing regimen in your workplace then this article is for you.


You may not be aware but unscreened employees working in your factories, shops, and offices could be costing you money and worse, endangering their fellow staff members’ very lives.


Whether your employees are misusing illicit and banned substances, prescription medication, or alcohol and other substances, they could be costing you money and endangering your staff. Don’t allow workplace drug use to risk your company’s future and your employees’ safety; drug testing is a vital part of any business model.



The possible side effects of drug users in your employ


To illustrate just how much an employee under the influence of drugs and alcohol can cost your company we will outline ten ways in which you could be losing out to drug affected employees.


1.   Absenteeism

Use of drugs in and outside of the workplace can result in an increase in absenteeism which will lead to you losing out in sick day payments and having to cover shifts, reorganise rosters, and spend your valuable time shuffling the board because of one drug using employee. An increase in absenteeism correlates with the use of drugs so it makes sense to insulate your business against absenteeism and tardiness with a drug screening procedure.


2.  Illegal activities at work

The use and sale of illicit drugs in the workplace goes hand in hand with its use and sale outside of the workplace. If you have a drug user on your workforce then there is a real chance that they will further blur the line between what is right and wrong and begin using or selling illicit drugs in the workplace.


3.   Poor job performance

One of the first things to take a hit when someone begins dabbling in illicit drugs is their job performance. Don’t put up with poor performance from your employees; ensure they are on the straight and narrow.


4.    Effect on colleagues job performance

Not only can drugs affect the employee who is using, they can also have an adverse effect on their colleagues as well. By creating distractions in the workplace an employee can have an adverse effect on their colleagues’ performance as well.


5.   Fatal accidents

This is the most important reason for rigorous workplace drug testing; employees under the influence of drugs are far more likely to be responsible for a fatal accident then those that are sober. By implementing a drug screening culture in your workplace you are fostering positive behaviour in your employees.


6.   Injuries

After fatalities, workplace injuries are the next biggest problem that drug testing can help prevent. Accidents don’t have to be fatal to cause life shattering effects and some drug related mishaps at work can cause major injuries.


7.   Sleeping on the job

When it comes to a loss of productivity there is no more wasteful and time wasting effect than an employee that falls asleep on the job.


8.  Out of pocket health care expenses

If you have a workplace accident and end up paying for your employees’ health care benefits it will cost you doubly; the time they have off costs you in productivity and in the wages you still have to pay them when they are laid up.


9.  Disciplinary procedures

If you have to reprimand and discipline your employees you are going to be wasting your time and the time they are meant to be working trying to sort them out.


10.   Training new employees

If your employee cannot be reached and you need to find someone new it will cost you time and money that you simply don’t want to spend hiring and training up a new employee.



Workplace drug testing will help to mitigate the likelihood of the above incidences and can be performed in a morning or afternoon for the screening of your entire workforce, depending on the size of your organisation.


Why not take the time and insure your business’ livelihood against occurrences of drug abuse in your workplace.




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